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CalendarApp is an interactive online events calendar and scheduler where you can schedule department meetings and room reservations. Publish a calendar of events, let your users submit events.

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An online remote access calendar system    

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This script is used for creating an online remote access calendar. This script is helpful for the webmasters to generate their site with event calendar. This event calendar allows users to add, edit and remove events. Their clients can book appointments with webmasters through this calendar. Users can access this calendar from any where.

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Acal Calendar    

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This script is useful for the webmasters to create an online calendar on their site. Users can customize their important events in the calendar by adding, removing and retrieving events etc., It has password protection facility that helps users to customize the events from the calendar. The text in the calendar becomes bigger when the cursor is placed on the text. Users can login to access the control panel for customizing events

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With the help of this program you can manage event scheduling for corporates. This remotely hosted program features customers and transactions database, web content management, IVR, events schedule administration etc., You can customize the layout, account settings and the voice application settings to enable users to subscribe and unsubscribe from the program. Supports monthly, yearly, weekly and daily events.

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Calendars On This Site    

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An easier and effective way to co-ordinate all booking and events can be got from this hosted application. This website allows you to add, edit, delete calendar entries online. Entries for an year can be shown through this module. More useful for clubs, hotels, property websites etc., to let the users utilize properties, and to add, view events. Webmasters can customize the look and feel of your calendar system.

Price:UK?19.99 (Yearly)  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

AppointmentQuest Online Scheduling Software    

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AppointmentQuest provides online scheduling software solutions for small businesses and professional practices. AppointmentQuest Online Appointment Manager facilitates online appointment scheduling between service providers and customers as well as employee and resource scheduling.

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Calendars Net    

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Calendars Net is a free interactive web calendar hosting service, where you can post events that span more than one day or that recur every 1st and 4th Tuesday of each month, also anyone can post events visible and printable by whomever you choose, or everyone, etc. You can also copy the calendar data to your own computer and edit your calendar offline.

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Calendar by Online Web Apps    

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Allows you to create multiple calendars each with different features and styles. You can choose a predefined style or customize a prebuilt style to make the calendar look the way you want. You can build your own RSVP forms and attach them to events. The RSVP form results can be sent to an e-mail address. Supports multiple users on one account. Features include: Multiple events on one day; Recurring events; Events that span multiple days. Events can contain the following: Description, Web site, Location, Time, 2 user defined fields and an Image.

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