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Ad Management


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AdvertSERVE is a remote-hosted instance of the ad management program, AdvertPRO. It is designed for clients who want to use AdvertPRO, but whos server will not run it locally.The AdvertSERVE service can really save you a lot of money if you use, or are considering using, other ad serving services which charge you monthly fees or percentages of your ad revenue.

Price: $450+ Monthly  Rate: 1.0(out of 5)    Vote:1  Members Review:None

AdWatcher - Ad Tracker and Monitor    

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AdWatcher - Ad Tracker and Monitor is a powerful software capable of enhancing your advertising tasks by tracking all your banners and ads. Using this remotely hosted program webmasters would be able to record sales, leads, newsletter sign ups, site visitors etc., Webmasters are facilitated with a detailed report on the total expense of all banners and ads along with the profit obtained from each and every ad campaign. Some of the important features are total hits on all banners, pay-per-click search engine ads and newsletters, ability to experiment with different variations with result tracking, easy to use marketing tool etc.,

Price: Free Trial / US $ 19.95 (Monthly) Home Page: Click to Vi  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

Ad Management Software    

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This web based application provides you the solutions to handle your ad section effectively using easier means of functions. Supports CPM, CPC, CPA and other timed compaigns. Can be used with to manage inventory system, to earn revenue, to provide realtime statistics about revenue, ad-responses, etc., Web based user interface allows you to utilize ads without any hassle and offers more effective marketing techniques.

Price:$299.00  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None    

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Intuitive tools to manage all ads at one place. No technical knowledge required. Some features include rotation of weighted ads, detailed visitor info, frequency caps, geo-targeting, advertiser accounts, pop-up/under code, text-links, custom ad sizes.

Price:Free/Premium  Rate: 5.0(out of 5)    Vote:1  Members Review:None

Disco Flash Ad Management System    

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Disco provides web publishers and advertisers easy, affordable and powerful Flash banner administration, serving, tracking and reporting services. Some features: Flash ads are enabled with one line HTML code; 14 different formats are supported; up to 10 ads per account; banner priority option (weight); banner expiration date/views/clicks; detailed daily and monthly statistics; advertiser access. Free trial.

Price:Free trial/$0.15+ CPM  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

adRevenue Text Ad Network    

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It features text based ads, which have higher response rates that banner ads. It optimize ads in real time, so that advertisers get the most value for their campaign. It is designed so advertisers or affiliates can start in a few minutes with simple signups and easy JavaScript or XML integration into webmasters sites. It is the advertising platform of choice, if youre interested in ROI.

Price:$249  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

Ad Tracker & Monitor    

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AdWatcher is a real-time ad tracking service that offers live reporting that gives you a complete picture of how well your online advertising is really doing. It works with any pay-per-click search engine, banner advertisements, newsletters, or any other form of advertising and provides you with detailed reports on your expenses, profits, sales, and much more. Free 14-day trial.

Price:$19.95  Plateform(s):Any  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

Ad Serving Solutions    

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A remotely hosted ad managament advertising solution providing centralized, outsourced ad management, delivery, roi tracking, reporting, geographical targeting, and CPM CPC CPA and timed campaign options.

Price:$29  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

Ad Rotator    

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This is a random advertisement provider for your website which serves you with randomly selected ads to place them on your website. It also allows you to set weights for each banner with individual logins to view the performance of each advertisement placed on your website in real time. Both the webmasters as well as the advertisers can get benefits from Ad Rotator.

Price:Free  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

Ad Butler    

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Ad Butler is an online advertising serving system that offers you numerous features. The main features of this system supports almost all banner types, provides campaign management, allows you to create multiple sets, supports rich media like Flash, Java etc, login for advertisers and affiliates, static weighting of banners, allows you to set the date and time for expiration of banners and much more.

Price:Free / US $ 5.95  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None
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