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FlashKeeper, Handy flash tool kit    

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FlashKeeper is a handy flash tool kit with five easy-to-use Flash tools that help you to get many of your flash files organized and also simplify and accelerate Flash development. Preview and browse flash files, download flash from the Internet, donwload management, Create screensaver with batch of flash files, convert SwF and EXE format to each other individually or in batch etc. All of these features will help you enhance and extent the using possibility of existing flash files. And with friendly easy-operation user interface, Sparkle Flash Keeper offers you a fantastic animated flash world!

Price:US$29.95  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

Free Flash Search Engine    

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This tool will help us to run a search engine on our website, we require no knowledge of flash to use this program. We can just embed the givem SWF file in to any web page on our website. The search engine various categories like web directory, articles, press releases, website reviews and link exchange. This search engine has all the features of a standard search engine.

Price:Free  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

Graph ZX    

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Add stunning graphs to your website or presentations in minutes. ASP/XML Active 3D Graphs. Bar Graphs, Pie Charts and Area Graphs. Fully customisable with an front end designer and live preview as you design feature. Animated background effects standard or add your own. Create Macromedia Flash SWF files. Publish to Flash, Powerpoint or Internet.

Price:$68  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

Flix Pro    

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This is a software which lets the users to convert video for their flash players. It can be also used as a powerful animation tool for TV, web and film because it is capable of turning a video into vector based animation automatically. It has presets to compress the video to stream over the internet conveniently at any bandwidth. Flix can add flash functions like projectors, playcontrols and preloaders for benefit of the viewers. It has many enhanced features to let the users to post their video.

Price:US $ 149.00  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None


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FlaX creates text effects for Macromedia Flash, and does that real-time! With its intuitive approach, it has raised the standards for Flash text effects. FlaX comes equipped with 35 highly adjustable effects, which the user can tweak using sliders and buttons, thus being able to create tens of thousands of unique effects.

Price:Free Trial/US $39.95  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

Compatible Optimizer    

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This software can be used to read some swf files resource legally when movie are designed with Flash5.0 or lower when you want to use resource in your work. These files were not possible to be read without downloading a new player.

Price:US$24.95  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

ImageMatics PE Slide Show Software    

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This software lets the users to create their own flash websites and which can be also used by the photographers, video graphers and designers in creating professional animations. This system provides its service in creating slide show, screen saver, spin images on a cube space etc., The users can also have a facility to output a flash compatible SWF file for their own purpose.

Price:US$ 29.95  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None


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This program can be used by the users those who want to publish their content including flash movies, pictures without worrying about page setup. The content can be updated easily on the XML file which indicates the name of the file, relative path and rank by uploading the pictures. It is possible to choose different color schemes by users own idea. This program can be of use to photographers, picture albums, artists etc.

Price:US$25  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

AnyChart Flash Chart Component    

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Anychart is a flexible Macromedia Flash based solution that allows you to create animated, compact, interactive and great looking charts. Driven by XML interface, it has No installation and Extremely Easy in Implementation in Web and in Applications

Price:$29  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

Linx Flash editor    

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This software permits the users to create Flash files importing and manipulating images, audio and Flash videos. It can be used to create banners, slide shows, buttons, multimedia presentations and navigation elements. It can play users flash files on CDs by using projector, it can also export flash files to a email ready file and webpage. Adding links and actions can be done by the users with a click of a button. The users can utilize this tool with no knowledge of flash.

Price:Free Trial / US $ 49.00  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None
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