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News Publishing

News Manager Lite 3.5 by    

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All you need to add organized content to your site. Administrators login to add news articles using a simple WYWIWYG editor. Use start and end dates for your news, and show the articles on your website in a variety of different ways. Includes increased security over previous versions, FTP install, source code, support and a future free full-version upgrade of News Manager Lite. Use NM Lite for news, as a catalogue, for articles...any content that needs organizing into categories. Version 3.5 now includes RSS feeds, and much more. Visit for demo. Inexpensive price includes unencrypted ASP source code, free FTP install (if desired), support, digital manuals, and future version upgrade. All for one time price of $35.95.

Price:$35.95  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

Project Q    

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Project Q, despite it's curious name, is a News Web Publishing "project" designed to be the most versatile News Web Publishing script available. Here is a brief list of options available: * Custom design of news table and table coding (including css) * Text formatting buttons and menus * Popup smiles list (add/delete your own) * Commenting on news * Glossary (public/private word filter) * Archive (create/delete archives for old news) * Custom news display options * Allow/Deny ip address * Search and edit news using different criteria * Multiple levels of news posting users * Mod Installation (add/delete mods created for Project Q) * News poster profile * And so much more...

Price:Free  Rate: 5.0(out of 5)    Vote:1  Members Review:None

News Manager Pro 2.0 By    

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Web based News Article / Content Manager. Add and manage news articles, such as press releases, announcements or any other indexed page content, from any online browser. Includes news categories, WYSIWYG editor (like MS Word), template area, file uploads, searches, multiple level security, article credits, allow visitor comments, alternate views, and more. No components or DLL's required, written in pure ASP, uses MS Access or MS SQL. Free install & full-version upgrade included.

Price:$85.  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

Absolute News Manager    

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Feature packed content management system for publishing news, articles, events, press releases or any content to your site. Supports Access and SQL Server, fully template driven,unlimited users, powerful HTML editor and much more!

Price:129  Rate: 3.0(out of 5)    Vote:1  Members Review:None

iNews Publisher by    

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iNews Publisher is a brand new product release by But we've drawn on our experiences from News Manager Lite and Pro! This is a premium internet news publishing software. Up to 3 category levels, custom security levels for authors/editors, RSS feeds, high quality HTML editor, and more. Several ways to show your articles, to the public and even multi-choice for admin! Include a scrolling list of current news, a typing news line (ticker), most popular news, most recent news, news by category... the options are almost endless! Visitors to sites that use iNews can email their friends with links to the article, write comments (if allowed by admin) or rate the article (if allowed by admin). They can sort and modify their views, and more! Keep their interest and keep them coming back, by allowing them to post your article summaries on their own sites or desktops via your RSS feeds. (When they click on the links... you get more traffic!) Visit for a demo of some of the ways your news can be displayed... or try adding your own news as an administrator.

Price:$85.  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None


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AspWebHeadlines is a content management program that can be used to manage articles, press releases related contents etc on the websites. This program comes with many enhanced features. The site visitor can search articles on users websites by using builtin search engine. Admin can insert any type of content such as, images, videos, etc on their websites. This program supports multiple categories and multiple authors. This program has other features like, built in browser based HTML editor, ability to customize the categories layout, news archive, article layouts and more.

Price:US$ 60.00  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

ASP Web Wiz Site News    

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Use the WYSIWYG news editor to create news items for your site. Includes, simple intergration, short news item with link to full story, insert images, links, text formatting, user comments(optional) with email notification, anti-spam settings, and more.

Price:Freeware  Plateform(s):ASP 2.0, IIS4+  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None


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This is a program which can be utilized by the users for viewing and modifying their RSS feeds at all times. This program will be useful for any RSS version and facilitates users for searching over the text present in the RSS result and for exporting RSS results into Microsoft Word. It is possible to manage a favorite list of feeds by using this program. This will be effective program for RSS management.

Price:US$25.95  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

Q News (Revival)    

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Qnews is an open source, customizable, news publishing system that allows admin to set up different level of users that can post news. It can be added to a website quickly and easily. Mods are simple to make and add to Qnews. History: Qnews faded out with but has brought it back, and is how supporting it. Please see the forum at for help and information concerning Qnews.

Price:Open Source  Plateform(s):Win NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None

Access Article Db    

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Are you looking for a way to get news or articles to your web server quickly? Rather than creating unique .htm pages to display small amounts f text place it into Access. This sample application will hyperlink titles to recent articles, when clicked display the full content of the article and allow for the input of new information. This can be easily integrated into a template to provide quick publication of news on your site.

Price:Free  Rate: 0.0(out of 5)    Vote:0  Members Review:None
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